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The movie “İklimler”, in original title, tells the story of a mature relationship in painful, tearful images of two people past the point of no return, trudging the slow path towards moving on. The silences of Isa too proud to say he is lonely, and woman too scared to say she is angry. This is one of the best works of Nuri Bilge Ceylan. It’s not easy to watch some scenes are too long, too quiet or too stable etc. The relationship in the movie is examined with fierce, cold brilliance from the eyes of NBC.

“The Climates” begins with a long scene in a historical place without any dialogs. Isa takes some photos as we can see throughout the film. Meanwhile, a teardrop drips on Bahar’s cheek. From that moment you could start to realize closed feelings and unreadable thoughts of Bahar for Isa.

In Kaş, Antalya they meet with a friend and dialogs face to face, a misunderstanding, İsa’s words are showed to audience very well. Nuri Bilge Ceylan, uses usually long scenes to describe actors feelings and also we could imagine them. After having broken up, on the motorbike, Bahar finally shows her emotions psychically with actions. In this movie, I didn’t like the acting of Nuir Bilge Ceylan but his wife as well succeed to transfer Bahar’s world. We don’t see her until İsa’s trip to Ağrı. By the way in İstanbul, the main character had sex with his friend in spite of considering Bahar, in his mind. There we could face some details about İsa’s fantasies.

However, Nuri Bilge Ceylan generally doesn’t use songs in his films. But despite, we could hear some melodies from his favorite classical songs. Another detail is that, in the first place, he puts into his head in a drawer in a hotel room. Drawer symbolize a small world that he could hide his secrets, feelings and fears as well, maybe it becomes a world which makes everything alienate. Secondly, we see another drawer in a hotel room in Ağrı. This time, it becomes a “personality” which fills in the gap of Bahar.

In Ağrı, we come across with winter. At the beginning, it was summer and the director don’t’t show us spring which also Bahar’s names meaning. Maybe it was because their both unhappiness or they both live spring in their own relationship. İsa strongly feels her absence. Telling lies, not talking, not sharing anything, saying the same old story that “I’ve changed” drag them into unhappiness.

The Climates is a well-directed movie of Nuri Bilge Ceylan which contains lots of scenes related to a couple’s damaged lonely world. It tells man’s power, ambition and dominance through the film. Briefly, every part of the movie has an admirable side of visualization, with a simple but deep scenario. that’s a landscape-movie which shows dark sides of a man.