All About Greenland – Travel Guide


Greenland  is the world’s largest non-continental island, in the far northeast of North America, largely within the Arctic Circle. It has been politically and culturally associated with Europe ( Norway and Denmark).

According to the Icelandic Sagas, Erik the Red chose the name “Greenland” to entice settlers from Iceland. The southern coasts the Vikings settled are green in summer, and were likely more so during the Medieval Warm Period.

* When visiting a city or village don’t be afraid to ask for directions of shops, places to eat or somewhere to sleep, even if you think there might not be any. Most places (even Nuuk) are small enough for everyone to know where everything is, and therefore no one bothered to put up a sign. Don’t be surprised to find a fully equipped supermarket inside a grey factory-like building in the middle of nowhere.

Nuuk is the capital city and The Summit is the highest point on the ice cap, and a very inhospitable place, but nonetheless well visited by scientists drilling into the ice.

Greenland Map

Accommodations in Greenland tend to be pricey, world class hotels exist in all of the more visited areas (Hotel Hans Egede in Nuuk, Hotel Arctic etc.) but cheaper options exist. Try for the Seaman’s Home hotel in Maniitsoq, Nuuk, Qaqortoq, Sisimiut and Aasiaat. You can also check the hostel programs.

You can drink the local specialty “Greenlandic coffee”. It hits hard and its coffee laced with liberal amounts of kahlua, whisky and Grand Marnier. One of the best places to buy is at the Sukhumvit Thai Restaurant, for about $22CAD.

By the way, the word “Eskimo” is considered pejorative by many Arctic peoples, especially in Canada. The group of “Eskimos” are used to call themselves Inuit and for the ones in Greenland Kalaallisut, a Greenlander.

Food in Greenland is generally not that different from American or continental European tastes. Expect to find whale meat at a Thai restaurant and caribou in a Chinese joint. Nuuk also has several burger bars and a couple of very high-end restaurants, most notably Nipisa, which specializes in (very expensive) local delicacies. Prices are high everywhere, but servings are generally large, especially with fries.


Icebergs in all shapes and sizes. Dramatic glaciers and an endless ice cap. Winter sports all year round. Clear Arctic air.

Outdoor Life

With only 55,000 inhabitants, Greenland offers space and a challenge for hikers. For anglers. For kayak. For mountain climbers and mountain bikers.

Animal Life

Our fauna: Large whales, seals and walruses. Musk oxen, reindeers and polar bears. The animals of the Arctic.


Here it’s not just a matter of getting from A to B. Flying in Greenland is a stunning experience. Cruising Greenland is no less impressive, you’re in the sea of icebergs and whales.

Dog Sledge

Hunters and ice fishermen in Greenland still rely of the dog-sledge rather than the snowscooter. Be their guest – driving dog-sledge is an experience of a lifetime.

Midnight Sun

During the Arctic summer the sun never sets. In the autumn, the winter and the spring northern lights sweep across the dark sky above snow-covered mountains.


The ancient culture is still alive: Inuit drum dance, kayak performance and colourful national costumes. Arts and crafts have developed over generations.

 You can find many things to do in Greenland such as Angling at Sea, Arctic Wildlife, Climbing and mountaineering, Close to Greenlanders, Coastal Sailings, Cruises, Diving, Dog sledding, Go sailing, Guided Sightseeing, Heliskiing, Hiking, Ice Fishing, Kayaking, Musk Ox Safari, River Fishing, Skiing, Small Game Hunting, Snowmobiling, Souvenir Shopping, Trophy Hunting, Whale Watching etc.



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